Review of Old Trusts

Old trusts should be reviewed for updates and revisions. Trusts are complicated estate planning documents and require the eyes of an attorney to be certain your trust has all the safety net provisions to ensure it functions as a trust should. The consumer is at a great disadvantage with trusts inasmuch as the public lacks a point of comparison. Unlike a car where the difference between a Ford Focus and a Cadillac is obvious, with trusts there is no easy point of comparison for the consumer, and unfortunately, you could be sitting on a lemon of a trust – a trust that lacks key features is like a landmine, and unfortunately that landline is not triggered until after the time of your death when it is too late to remedy the gaps & deficiencies present in many older trusts, as well as internet originated trusts peddled to the masses in generic, prepacked form. The cost for Ironclad Living Trusts to review your old trust and make recommendations is only $500.00.   

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