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Mobile Home Service Available in Certain Counties

Why do you need a California Living Trust?

Protect Your Estate
Protect Your Estate

A living trust serves as a wonderful insulating layer of privacy. It will keep your estate out of the court system. It saves the fees that would be charged by the probate court. These fees are avoided to be passed on to your selected beneficiaries.

Avoid Probate
Avoid Probate

Too many people make the mistake of believing that merely having a will is enough to avoid probate. This is a trap for the unwary. In California, the mere value of assets exceeding $150,000 is enough to trigger probate. Probate is an expensive result.

Legal Peace of Mind
Legal Peace of Mind

Only a living trust can provide you with a feeling of security. You can rest comfortably, knowing that your wealth will pass to your beneficiaries.

We have a low price guarantee. Simply stated: If you present us with a signed written quote for attorney fees for the same package of trust documents from another California law firm for a better price, we will beat that price by $100.

Complete Living Trust - Singles


  • Complete Living Trust Package
  • An Ironclad Comprehensive Living Trust
  • Property Assignment(s)
  • Certification of Trust
  • Pour Over Will(s)
  • Power(s) of Attorney
  • A Trust Transfer Deed for Your Primary Residence
  • Asset Informational Guide
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Complete Living Trust - Couples


  • Complete Living Trust Package
  • An Ironclad Comprehensive Living Trust
  • Property Assignment(s)
  • Certification of Trust
  • Pour Over Will(s)
  • Power(s) of Attorney
  • A Trust Transfer Deed for Your Primary Residence
  • Asset Informational Guide
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Meet Your Living Trust Attorney

Serving Rancho Mirage, California

Paul Hanks has been a licensed Living Trust Attorney in California for over 28 years serving Rancho Mirage. Attorney Hanks prides himself on client contact and satisfaction. He has pervasive experience in drafting comprehensive, Iron Clad living trust packages. His rates are very affordable. Paul Hanks is also published. In a recent article, he points out that it’s not death and taxes most of us should be worrying about, but death and probate. Protect your estate with an iron clad living trust.
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About Our Services

Iron Clad Living Trust offers great deals on complete living trust packages. They consist of a full array of personalized written instruments. They are tailored to your individual estate needs. These include the following documents:

  • An Iron Clad, Comprehensive Living Trust;
  • Property Assignment(s);
  • Certification of Trust;
  • Pour-Over Will(s);
  • Power(s) of Attorney
  • A Trust Transfer Deed for Your Primary Residence;
  • Asset Informational Guide.

About Iron Clad Living Trust

Iron Clad Living Trust is managed by Living Trust Attorney Paul A. Hanks. He has a track record of 28 years in California law practice. This includes many years of estate planning and California living trusts in Rancho Mirage. If you own multiple properties or are part of a corporation, partnership, or LLC, the cost may be higher. It is always affordable. All homeowners are encouraged to contact Attorney Paul A. Hanks at Iron Clad Living Trust. We offer a free phone or in-office consultation.

Too many people make the mistake of believing that having a will is enough to avoid probate. This is a trap for the unwary. In California, assets exceeding $150,000 will trigger costly and time-consuming probate. Probe court filings like probate, civil, family law, and bankruptcy sell your information. All homeowners are encouraged to evaluate their estate needs. Protect your family with a living trust. You are probably an excellent candidate for a living trust if you own a home, but it is not part of a living trust. A living trust serves as an insulating layer of privacy and keeps your estate out of the court system. Fees owed to the probate court are saved and passed on to your selected beneficiaries.

Yet another added benefit of living trusts pertains to married couples. Only a living trust can provide you with a feeling of security. Your assets and wealth will pass to your selected beneficiaries. A Rancho Mirage living trust provides that upon the second spouse’s death. The estate plan will pass as you have stated in the trust. A will cannot control a disposition in the future to the degree as a living trust can. The trust preserves the estate for your children. It guards against property, winding up with someone outside your next generation. Please do not hesitate to email Paul A. Hanks. He is a living trust attorney at Iron Clad Living Trust. He will arrange for a free consultation.

Pickin Packin P.
17:40 22 Jun 24
Look no further than Ironclad Living Trusts for all of your estate planning needs!! Paul A. Hanks and his team work tirelessly and professionally to quickly provide you with a rock solid trust package at the absolute best price guaranteed. We are completely satisfied with our experience with this 5 star business. Thank you so much.
Jonathan B
16:18 19 Jun 24
We have been wanting to complete our living trust for several years, but could never seem to find the time. After meeting with Paul Hanks, it was clear that he would make the process simple and easy for us. With only a few back and forth emails, a few procured documents, and 2 brief in person meetings, we were able to complete our entire living trust package! I was pleased with the process and ease involved.In addition, I was impressed with Paul's vast knowledge of his industry. He presented scenarios that I hadn't, which further helped us to structure our trust in a way that makes sense for our family. Paul was clear with direction and broke complicated things down in a simple way.I highly recommend Paul Hanks for your living trust needs!
Mary V.
21:40 06 Jun 24
My husband and I were very fortunate to have found Attorney, Paul Hanks/Iron Clad Living TrustsMr. Hanks was very knowledgeable and so helpful in preparing our Trusts. He answered all our questions and concerns.The Trusts were prepared and we executed them in a very timely manner.The cost was very reasonable.We highly recommend Mr. Hanks.It was truly an excellent experience.
20:14 06 May 24
Excellent , Highly recommend, Fast response service, Very helpful information, Great price!
Tim K.
19:38 25 Apr 24
Paul did an awesome job on our trust. It was rather complicated as we were coming from another state and multiple properties were involved. He came through with flying colors. We are very pleased!
Sandra S.
14:44 09 Apr 24
Paul Hanks with Iron Clad Living Trust was very knowledgeable. He answered all the questions my husband and I had and responded in a timely manner. Previously we met with another law firm that offered the same living trust package and service as Paul Hanks at three times the price. I'm very please with the trust I received.
Cindy G.
14:51 21 Feb 24
I just recently had a living trust completed by Iron Clad Living Trusts. Paul Hanks, the attorney, was wonderful in that he outlined exactly what I needed for my trust. I didn't live close by, so everything was done remotely and explained with detailed email instructions and phone and I was very satisfied. He also set up a notary for me to come to my house. The cost was $895 and thought that was very reasonable. Paul Hanks was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Iron Clad Living Trusts.
Caroline B.
17:17 19 Feb 24
We cannot say enough good things about Paul's professionalism and expertise. He thoughtfully walked us through our revocable living trust with patience, and provided clear explanantions without innundating us with legal terminology. Integrity, honesty and transparency are his hallmarks. We feel secure knowing we can rely on Paul's guidance for whatever comes our way.
Johnny M.
20:52 30 Jan 24
Paul came through in a last minute notice, answers all questions and concerns. This is my first time ever doing this and he walked me through every step. He provided me with additional advice on how a pour over will works and what I can do with future investments. He even stayed on the phone while all the docs were notarized incase he had any questions. A+ service and would highly recommend. Especially with his prices!!
Bobby K.
19:03 23 Jan 24
It was very important to us to have a Living Trust. After talking to several attorneys, we chose Ironclad Living Trust. Working with Attorney Paul Hanks was a very positive experience. He answered all of our questions and went step by step while building our Wills and Trust. Professional process, reasonably priced and very fast. We were totally satisfied!
Diane S.
19:27 21 Jan 24
We are very happy with Ironclad living trust . Attorney Paul Hanks was very helpful and right off the bat pointed out some very important details on how our Deed was written up. If it weren't for him we would have never known about. Everything done in a timely matter and fees were affordable. Thank you Ironclad for the help and knowledge though our Trust experience.
Shavonda S.
03:49 17 Jan 24
So good at what he does. Would absolutely recommend him.
Karen B.
00:51 09 Jan 24
Paul helped make our trust process so much easier than anticipated. Everything ran smoothly and we were finished very quickly. I highly recommend Iron Clad Living Trusts for anyone wanting to help their family.
Jack D.
17:19 08 Oct 23
I wanted an experienced attorney in living trusts and one who was local to my location. I was pleasantly surprised to find Paul Hanks an awesome attorney with years of experience. I will refer as many people as I can to him because of these facts. He is also fair in his price!
Jasmine T.
22:43 17 Sep 23
After checking online and calling Living Trust Attorneys, I called Iron Clad Living Trusts and made arrangements for my wife and I to come in for consultation. Attorney Paul Hanks is a kind, humble, smart, and very thorough living trust attorney. He explained the process to us in detail and delivered the trust promptly. He kept us in the loop every step of the way. His price was competitive, and the money was well spent. We highly recommend him.
david L.
22:42 29 Aug 23
Paul Hanks was incredibly professional, thorough and responsive to my every need! Very reasonable too!
David I.
18:04 22 Aug 23
Wonderful experience with Iron Clad, very informative and thorough met all of our needsPaul Hanks is very professional and great to work with !!
Janis M.
20:00 30 Jul 23
Working with Iron Clad Living Trusts and attorney Paul Hanks to establish our living Trust was a very positive experience. Mr. Hanks was extremely knowledgeable and efficient yet personable and friendly in a way that inspired confidence in his ability to produce a quality product at a reasonable cost. We are very satisfied with all aspects of our interactions with Iron Clad Living Trusts and can recommend them without reservation.
Moe M.
21:40 21 Jul 23
I had the privilege of working with Iron Clad Living Trust and Attorney Paul Hanks, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. From the moment I reached out to Paul with my interest in creating a Living Trust he exhibited the utmost professionalism, experience and patience answering my questions. Paul’s expertise and attention to detail were evident throughout the entire process, making me feel confident and well-informed every step of the way.Attorney Paul Hanks not only provided expert legal advice in a clear and easily understood manner, but provided so much more like Wills and Power of Attorney documents in the deal at a fair price. He never asked for a penny until everything was complete and I was satisfied. Paul and his assistant Patricia were responsive and returned calls and emails quickly making the process fast and easy. Paul even called me while I signed all the documents with the notary to ensure everything went smoothly. Fantastic customer service!I highly recommend Iron Clad Living Trust and Attorney Paul Hanks to anyone looking to protect their assets and keep them where you want and out of courts. You won’t be disappointed!
Joyce I.
19:48 12 Jun 23
Paul Hanks from Iron Clad Living Trusts was great. I have put off doing my trust and Paul made this process so easy and affordable that I should have done this sooner. Paul was able to answer all my questions, returned calls in a very timely manner and knows what was needed to set up my living trust. I feel so much better knowing that my family affairs are in order.I highly recommend Iron Clad Living Trusts.Thank you Paul for doing this for me.
J D.
19:19 10 Jun 23
My parents worked with Iron Clad last year and were satisfied! This year, a year later, Iron Clad was able to easily and quickly make adjustments to their Trust. He was quick and responsive to our questions. Thanks!
Angela F.
19:12 10 Jun 23
Paul Hanks at Ironclad Living Trusts is fantastic! We chose Attorney Paul Hanks because he is extremely thorough. He crafted for us a very detailed Trust that protects our assets from going into probate as well as carries out our final wishes. Paul also provided us a whole document that he hand crafted himself on how to handle our current assets in the new name of our trust. The rates are also very reasonable and Attorney Paul Hanks is easily reachable and responds very quickly. He was a pleasure to work with! Thank you Ironclad Living Trusts!
Phil M.
16:49 22 May 23
Very professional and answered all our questions and finished our trust in a timely manner. Highly recommend Paul and his staff
Richard Y.
18:58 12 May 23
I had been looking for a trusted Attorney that would walk me through the process as I had never established a Living Trust before. I am very happy to have found Attorney Paul Hanks. He was very patient and answered my many questions throughout the process. If you are looking for a comprehensive Living Trust package Paul at Ironclad Living Trust in Temecula is the place to go.
Brian M
15:42 08 Mar 23
Mr. Hanks and the Ironclad team were very professional and answered every question i had.My Trust was completed in 2 days - Super Fast and on PointI will definitely be referring them to my friends and family.Thanks Again 🙂
Patricia S.
20:00 18 Feb 23
Paul Hanks took care of us when we needed him most. We needed a trust in a hurry! Our call was returned fast! All of our questions were answered and we were given tons of useful information that we didn't eventhink of. Paul Hanks in person was professional, kind, listened to all of our concerns and got our trust done fast. We are so thankful and have peace of mind. If anyone needs this service, we recommend Iron Clad Trust!! A++!
Olga Kazmina G.
02:45 17 Feb 23
I have been a Notary for Paul for the last year. Paul is very professional and easy to work with. It’s always a pleasure to assist Paul when he requires Notary services. I highly recommend Paul for all your legal needs.Olga
Bethany G.
21:45 27 Jan 23
After interviewing a couple other attorneys to help with my dads living trust we knew Paul was the one to go with. He is very knowledgeable, patient and organized. He made the entire process so easy and kept in contact the whole way through. I am comforted knowing that Paul covered all the bases with the trust and we are in good hands. Not to mention, he is so personable and kind. Which goes a long way!
Linh H.
01:22 19 Jan 23
Paul is very honest, thorough, patient, & a good guy. Paul was recommended to me from a friend. His prices for a living trust are very competitive. I picked him after "interviewing" 6 other living trust attorneys for the job. He's the right person for the job. The whole process for a living trust took around 6 days via email. The actual signing was 45minutes in person with a notary he lined up. Paul made everything very easy. I highly recommend him!!
Gail V.
16:24 21 Nov 22
I was referred to Iron Clad Living Trusts and was very happy with the timely service. I live quite a distance from this office and was able to do my Trust virtually. Within a week my trust was complete and recorded. Paul Hanks even called in when I was with the notary to ensure all documents were signed correctly. Thank you Paul for giving me Peace Of Mind. I highly recommend this company for your trust needs.
22:16 19 Nov 22
Paul Hanks was so easy to work with. He completed our Wills and Trust a few years ago and made it a great experience. We just had him help us with an amendment to the Trust. He made suggestions that made to process very understandable, and his help got us exactly what was best for us. Strongly recommend him to work with you for your Will and Trusts.
Don D.
14:43 04 Nov 22
Paul explained my options and answered all my questions thoroughly...a great experience, I will recommend him to all my real estate clients!
Rob D.
15:00 14 Oct 22
I wanted to thank Attorney Paul Hanks and his law firm for giving us a great living trust experience. He was well organized, detailed and responsive to our family's needs. We were able to complete the process in a matter of months. I never thought that he would have a mobile signing service for the documents, but once I was made aware of the service it was an offer to good not to pass up. Thank you!
Michael H.
19:48 21 Sep 22
Ironclad Living Trust performed an outstanding services. Attorney Paul Hanks clearly explained what documents were required to start a living trust and walked me though how to fill out each document. I was extremely satisfied and would highly recommend Ironclad Living Trust services.Michael Henninger
Deb H.
00:01 26 Aug 22
I needed to update my trust and had been putting it off, so I found Ironclad Living Trusts online and sent an email. Paul Hanks replied to my email right away and sent me information and paperwork to fill out. Paul answered my questions completely and was always clear and concise with his answers. My new trust was completed within a week. Easy peasy. I would recommend Ironclad Living Trusts to anyone who needs help setting up their trust.
06:06 20 Aug 22
I called several businesses and decided to go with Iron Clad Living Trust because the price was right and I didn’t have to wait for weeks to have my Living Trust completed.Paul Hanks of Iron Clad Living Trust, was very patient and professional. I didn’t have to have a deposit and I didn’t have to wait weeks for an appointment. He explained everything very clearly and concisely.
21:28 19 Aug 22
Absolute pleasure to work with him . Extremely knowledgeable and a people person. Explain everything so my wife and I understood the trust
Robert H.
15:30 19 Aug 22
Reasonable price. Competent service. Very satisfied with the final product. Good choice.
Jose Q.
21:37 18 Jul 22
My wife and I recently decided to create a living trust. We did our research and decided to go with Ironclad Living Trust located in Old Town, Temecula, CA.Our Attorney Paul A. Hanks did an amazing job explaining the whole process and making it easy for us. Our living trust is very detailed and covers more than we expected at a very reasonable price.We definitely recommend Ironclad Living Trust when making that very important life decision that will give you peace of mind.
Kathy H.
18:56 29 Jun 22
After putting off way to long we selected Atty. Paul Hanks of Ironclad Living Trusts. We couldn't be more happier that we did. He made it simple and easy for us to understand and created a Trust that suits our family perfectly. Thanks Paul for everything, and now we are at ease that all is in place with our wishes.
Steven S.
00:12 28 May 22 awesome and staff..awesome..just great..the best
Robert De L.
22:52 12 May 22
I have to say that in my search on the web to find someone to help with my fathers trust, I had no idea that I would find accompany that would be as helpful as Iron Clad.From the moment my father and I walked in the door, Paul Hanks was there for us.From sending documents for our review, to his e-mail reminders for our upcoming appointments.Top notch service
James D.
19:14 11 Apr 22
I was referred to Ironclad Living Trusts I found Attorney Paul Hanks to be very helpful in dealing with issues concerning an existing Trust and helping with establishing a new Trust in the future. Very timely in responding to your questions and concerns.
Alicia B.
17:34 06 Apr 22
We are so happy we found Paul Hanks Ironclad Living Trust! We spoke with many Living Trust attorneys and non attorneys with little understanding or reassurance. Paul helped us understand and secure a Ironclad Living Trust. We are rest assured with Paul's services. He was a pleasure to work with. Very patient and professional. I will always referr Paul Hanks Ironclad Living Trust to everyone.
Timothy N.
04:17 01 Apr 22
Paul Hanks did a thorough job. He was on time, answered all questions snd will recommend him to friends.
Richard L.
00:18 17 Feb 22
Paul was professional in every way and was extremely helpful when questions were asked. I would highly recommend this business
Brandon D.
05:33 25 Jan 22
Attorney Paul Hanks at Ironclad Living Trusts has been an absolute godsend to me. I contacted Ironclad Living Trusts for help after my father passed away and he left his estate to me. My experience with attorney Paul Hanks throughout the process has been nothing but positive, he’s been there for me every step of the way, from transferring property out of my dad’s estate to drafting a comprehensive “Ironclad” living trust for me. Whenever I had a question, he had an answer for me within a matter of minutes. His communication was fantastic! I couldn't believe how easy he made the whole process and how quickly we were able to get things done. In my time of need, attorney Paul Hanks was there for me and that says it all.Attorney Paul Hanks is an all-around good guy with your best interests at heart. He is genuine, friendly, and most of all, a man of integrity. I consider his estate planning services to be second to none. I send my love and gratitude to Attorney Paul Hanks and his family as well as Ironclad Living Trusts. Thank you so much!
Lezlie R.
21:03 21 Dec 21
Look no further than Attorney Paul Hanks at Ironclad Living Trusts. He provides you with everything you will ever need for estate planning at a quality, affordable price. His documents are precise, simple to understand, to the point and effective. I was amazed at how quickly he responded to any of our questions and how he got to work right away on our Trust once we decided to go forward with him. He is also very friendly to his clients and he works well with people from all backgrounds, orientations, and walks of life. Five stars.
Marla W.
16:58 13 Dec 21
We went to Paul Hanks on the recommendation of a friend who had used him to do a Living Trust. This also includes a will and health care directives. We didn't have to pay him until the meeting to sign docs. I can highly recommend Paul. He was flexible with our schedule and always available for questions. I had family that got swindled back in the day so I made sure to read all the fine print, haha. Also, it was great that he is located right here in our valley. We didn't know what to expect, but he made it so easy and comfortable.
Cari L.
00:31 11 Dec 21
Great and easy experience!! Paul is very knowledgeable.
Nelson G.
21:53 09 Dec 21
Attorney Hanks was amazing in setting up our Trust! He was patient and very knowledgeable. We had a very specific Trust that needed to be done and Attorney Hanks went above and beyond. He made the entire process so easy. He replied to every question we had in a manner we could understand and followed up to ensure we understood the details of our Trust. Even with Covid going on he made it all happen so efficiently.
15:10 07 Dec 21
Paul was knowledgeable and professional. He made us feel comfortable throughout the process. We will definitely refer him to our family and friends.
Eduardo V.
01:21 04 Dec 21
My wife and I  are so pleased we had Paul Hanks prepare our Living Trust, not only is he very professional and thorough during the entire process, but also makes you feel comfortable and supported with his guidance at all times. We absolutely recommend Ironclad Living Trust being the best in value and overall experience. Thank you Paul for all your help!!
Ally G.
21:31 19 Nov 21
After searching for an attorney to do my living trust and other associated documentation I came upon some great reviews for Ironclad Living Trusts. I contacted attorney Paul Hanks and felt comfortable with his knowledge and professionalism. He was able to put my mind at ease with his no-nonsense, friendly and professional attitude which was refreshing. It was a pleasure to do business with him. I would not hesitate in recommending Iron Clad Trusts.
Mary B.
18:03 26 Oct 21
Paul Hanks at Ironclad was on top of his game very professional and always made sure he made it comfortable for me to ask questions I was new to all this wasn't sure on how to go about this. This was for my praents and was there needs.And also explained everything on the living trust my parents were happy on how everything was handled. Highly recommend Mr Paul Hanks Thank you for your professionalism.
B. W.
14:02 20 Oct 21
I used Ironclad Living Trust (Paul A. Hanks) for the latest amendment to my trust that he previously created for me. As before, he was extremely thorough in the prep of my amendment. He was readily available during the process and addressed all my concerns. Very good quality for the money spent on my trust and the amendment.
02:30 09 Oct 21
Would like to thank Paul Hanks at Ironclad living Trust for the best service I've ever had he took care of all our needs for my wife and I, was more then helpful explaining all aspects of the trust and went out of his way to help us I would just like to say Thank You.All so you won't be disappointed check out his webpage great value.
Mary B.
23:02 29 Sep 21
Paul Hanks of Ironclad living trust was very thorough and professional . He brought up considerations for inclusion in the trust I had not thought of. I am glad i did not try to do it my self with online document service. It was good value and prompt service. very satisfied
Michael H.
14:45 21 Sep 21
I was looking for someone to make a living trust for me but was worried about giving all of my information to just anyone. I researched Paul Hanks and Ironclad Living Trust and found nothing negative. I gave him a chance and found Paul easy to work with. He was very thorough and professional. The end result was great and had more areas covered than just the trust than I knew I needed. I have to say the price was also great. He is located in the town of Temecula. Thanks Paul
Juanita Y G.
03:16 15 Aug 21
My experience with Ironclad Living Trust were stupendous through and through. Great experience overall having Paul Hanks as my lawyer. He understands his clients, very insightful and is an expert in his field. Very efficient and personable. Truly a professional and marvelous individual. Highly recommend their services.
Deb D.
19:41 01 Aug 21
I wish I had gotten "my affairs in order" a long time ago because Paul Hanks at Ironclad Living Trusts made the process of creating a revocable living trust super easy, very understandable, and ironclad.
Lorraine S.
21:26 22 Jun 21
My husband and I finally did a living trust after years of procrastinating. Paul Hanks of Ironclad Living Trust made the process go very smoothly. He answered all of our questions in a timely manner. He let us know exactly what everything was in layman’s terms. We would highly recommend using his service.
sharon R.
01:32 16 Jun 21
We contacted Paul Hanks at Ironclad Living Trust to have a revision done, he responded within the same day and paperwork was all processed in a couple days. I would definitely recommend him for your needs.
Elizabeth M.
02:22 24 May 21
Paul Hanks helped with my family's living trust. He answered all our questions before hiring him and kept great communication thoroughout the process. He is very informative knows California' s property laws. Paul Hanks is an honest person and charged the exact amount he had quoted us at the very end of the process. I highly recommend Paul Hanks if you are seeking someone to help with your living trust.
Vi V.
19:08 29 Apr 21
I was in need of estate planning and found Iron Clad Living Trust, Attorney Paul A. Hanks. Mr. Hanks offers exceptional service, very informative, kind and friendly. He completed my will and trust to my specifications. Paul is very professional, timely and fair. He explained everything very thorough and made my experience seamless. I highly recommend Iron Clad Living Trust, Attorney Paul A. Hanks.
Robin I.
15:47 21 Apr 21
Paul was very clear and helpful in getting my trust in order, it was quick and accurate.
Matt C.
20:45 07 Apr 21
Attorney Paul Hanks was the consummate professional in guiding me through establishing my living trust, and drafting a comprehensive set of documents to ensure my family will not have to stress when I pass. Remember that you are doing this for your loved ones, and to that end do not try to do this on your own with boiler plate documents purchased online. You should get help from an experienced attorney like Paul. His fees were super reasonable, and he really cares about his clients.
Kimberley N.
02:48 11 Mar 21
Paul helped us jump on the wagon to expedite a trust in a jiffy... very helpful. something we've been meaning to do for several years👍🤗
Kirsten E.
05:14 15 Feb 21
It was a rare pleasure to work with Paul! I would highly recommend using him for your legal services. Cannot say enough how present, responsive and on point he was throughout the process. Truly 10/10 stars.
Rick M.
20:33 06 Nov 20
Attorney Paul Hanks at Ironclad Living Trust provided great service in creating a Trust for my estate. It was a complete package that included everything that will be needed by my Trustees. Paul Hanks went into great detail in explaining the purpose of each document, so I would know everything in my estate was covered and going to the right people. Aside from the great product, the communication regarding appointments, required documents and availability to answer any questions was great. The icing on the cake was the very fair price for the Trust package and the free initial consultation.
Sandra G.
00:10 06 Nov 20
Paul Hanks handled my living trust with such ease. Paul is very knowledgeable on what a person needs in order for our loved ones to avoid probate during one’s death. Paul is very affordable and his office is easy to access. I felt comfortable with Paul handling my living trust that everyone should familiarize themselves with.
Gary W.
17:37 20 Sep 20
Paul did a great job on this, very thorough, explained everything. Could not be happier with the service.
Greg G.
17:24 07 Jul 20
Mr. Hanks did an excellent job in setting up my trust. He's very knowledgeable, explains everything, tailored the trust to fit my individual circumstances, completed the trust in one week, and his pricing is very fair and competitive.
ariel F.
04:43 05 Feb 20
5 stars is great for reviews, but not enough for Mr. P. Hanks. He iswell deserved of 10 stars for his prompt, quality work, and excellencein a well organized service. I spoke to quite a few other professionalsto do my Living Trust but after I spoke to Mr. Hanks I knew at that moment that he was the one that I would be using. If Confucius was with us, I am sure he would concur with me.
17:31 13 Dec 19
Iron Clad Living Trust in Temecula was so affordable for my living trust and Estate Planning. This Living Trust attorney is very personable and gave me a living trust for only $750. He was so helpful!
S P.
20:17 27 Jun 18
Wanted to update several Trust documents. Mr Hanks gave me good advice on several questions I had, gave me the fee amount to revise my documents and I had the finish product in a few days. I called several months later to ask about a referral to another professional in the area. His secretary called the next day with a name and phone number.
Nikki B.
19:22 21 Dec 16
He's honest and a fighter !
Les F.
16:40 08 Jun 16
We went to Paul for our living trust, he was helpful, and provided everything that was needed. If you need legal assistance and live in Santee, give Paul a call and see how he can help. I do not think you will be disappointed.

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Mr. Hanks did an excellent job in setting up my trust. He’s very knowledgeable. He explains everything, tailored the trust to fit my individual circumstances. He completed the trust in one week, and his pricing is very fair and competitive. . . . by Greg G.


Paul did a great job on our living trust, very thorough, explained everything. Could not be happier with the service of this quality living trust attorney. . . . by Gary W.


Paul helped my mother get her joint living trust done, very professional. Love that the prices are on his website, straight forward no surprises at the end. He goes over every detail and explains everything, not just legal words. And great turn-around time.. . . . by Cat P.


After searching for an attorney to do my living trust I came upon some great reviews for Ironclad Living Trusts. I contacted attorney Paul Hanks and felt comfortable with his knowledge and professionalism. He was able to put my mind at ease with his no-nonsense, friendly and professional attitude which was refreshing. I would not hesitate in recommending Ironclad Trusts.! . . . . by Ally Gee


We made an appointment to see Paul Hanks, an attorney at this firm–and we were sure we glad. We wanted to get a revocable living trust and, while it was clear it was a good idea, it just sounded really hard. Paul had emailed a form in which we listed our assets, etc., so the first visit only took about 45 minutes. He quoted us a very reasonable price and said the trust would be ready in two weeks. During those weeks, he emailed us drafts of the documents for review. They included the trust, pour-over will, and several others. We asked several questions by email, and he always responded promptly. When we returned to his office, he had a notary present, and it took about 30 minutes for us to sign the forms. He then scanned a copy and emailed it to us. The originals were put into a nice-looking three-ring binder and given to us. His last words were, “If you ever have any questions, just let me know. There is no cost.” Highly recommend Paul. He knows his stuff. We had some steps to do (notifying banks, etc.), and he laid out each of those steps clearly. . . . by Dan C.


Rancho Mirage, California Wills and Living Trusts

 Temecula attorneyWhy do I need a Joint Living Trust?

A proper estate plan centered on a living trust and power of attorney is vital for anyone. We also offer pour-over wills. People work very hard to get home. Everyone knows that wealth is hard to come by. It is often surprising to see how many fail to have plans for them in place. Many people believe that merely having a will is enough to avoid probate, which is a trap for the unwary. In Rancho Mirage, assets exceeding $150,000 will trigger costly and time-consuming probate. It can be troubling to have a single unaccounted asset (such as a stock, bond, annuity, or other investment). It may result in a lengthy and expensive probate proceeding.

What If I Own Real Property?

Owning real property is another high-risk area for an unwanted probate case. All homeowners should evaluate their estate needs. You should protect yourself with an estate plan and power of attorney. If you own a home, but it is not part of a living trust, you are probably an excellent candidate for a living trust. A living trust insulates the home from probate. It also gives the beneficiaries of your home greater flexibility to retain the home as an asset. Since a living trust will avoid probate of the home, there cannot be a forced sale to cover probate fees.

joint living trustLiving Trusts and Married Couples

Yet another added benefit of an Iron Clad living trust pertains to married couples. Only a living trust can provide you with a feeling of security. You will know that your wealth will pass to your selected beneficiaries. As you have stated in the trust, a trust provides that the estate will pass upon the second spouse’s death. A will cannot control a disposition in the future to the degree as a joint living trust can. The trust preserves the estate for your children and any other selected beneficiaries. It guards against property, winding up with someone outside of your next generation. Couples without estate planning are at risk of missing generational estate passing. For example, consider a home in the name of the husband and wife as joint tenants only and not in trust. When the first spouse dies, ownership of the home shifts to the surviving spouse. A surviving spouse is not bound by a living trust. There is zero assurance that the children of this couple will inherit the home. The surviving spouse can add a new partner or spouse to the title. The deceased spouse may never have contemplated.

Staging and Managing A Beneficiaries Inheritance

It is not uncommon for a living trust to provide a beneficiary’s share to be managed on their behalf. They can specify for it to be distributed at specific intervals for any number of reasons. The beneficiary could be young, or laboring under disability, or reckless with spending. A living trust can have the successor trustee manage the beneficiaries’ inheritance. You can specify distribution over time rather than paying it all out in a single lump sum.

certification of trust, living trust attorney

Special Needs Trust Provisions

We also see situations where a client has a disabled minor or adult child. These situations require attention. The special needs trust attorney must take care to incorporate special needs provisions. A Rancho Mirage special needs trust can protect the rights of the beneficiary. The result can be catastrophic if a special needs trust is not in place. The purpose of a special needs trust is to preserve entitlement to public assistance. It will provide access to government programs. The living trust attorney must strive to draft special needs trust provisions to supplement benefits. It can not be set to supplant benefits. You may also need a power of attorney.

Guard Against Reckless Estate Handling

A living trust also involves the client’s selection of an order of successor trustees. A successor trustee can’t act on the trust until the creator is disabled or dies. The decision on who you will choose to serve as successor trustee should not be made in haste. A living trust is designed to guard against reckless handling of the estate. It should include a clause for competent, trustworthy, responsible, and impartial successor trustees. A beneficiary who meets these criteria can also serve as a successor trustee.

Using a Rancho Mirage Living Trust to Disinherit a Child

At times a California living trust is also needed to disinherit one or more children. It is not uncommon for a parent and child to have drifted apart or developed differences. This requires a properly drafted Rancho Mirage living trust. Special care needs to be taken in preparing precise language. The child needs to be correctly disinherited.

will trust attorney - estate planning attorneyA Rancho Mirage living trust is recognized in all 50 states. It can actually capture your property located in other states. A Rancho Mirage living trust is a very flexible and far-reaching device. And if you acquire property in the future, there is no need to amend your living trust. If you decide to buy a vacation home next year, you merely have the home deeded to your living trust. This can be done by a will trust attorney at the time of the sale and real estate closing.

Ask our Estate Planning Attorney About Living Trusts. Also ask about Power of Attorney or Pour-Over Wills.

You may have been thinking about a living trust or Power of Attorney for quite some time. Your time may have just arrived. Please do not hesitate to call or email Paul A. Hanks. We can arrange for a free consultation. We can answer all your questions about living trusts or power of attorney.

Questions You May Have About Trust Attorneys or a Certification of Trust

Can you do a living trust yourself?

Some clients are tempted by the cheap lure of the “do-it-yourself” approach. Generic prepackaged trusts and sample estate plans are widely available on the internet. These assembly-line-type trusts are peddled to a mass audience. Most clients are not trained in estate planning. They do not realize that any number of scenarios can arise. If not addressed in the trust, it could result in legal warfare. It could also involve probate courts after the person’s death.

Do I need an attorney for a living trust or power of attorney? Do I need an estate planning attorney?

An attorney is a wise choice for estate planning. A person embarking on the “do-it-yourself” approach does not realize a critical mistake. The impact of the error is not felt until after their death. That is the danger of the do-it-yourself approach. The mistake is different from a hole left in your roof that is quickly noticed as soon as the next rainfall. Instead, the mistake made by the “do-it-yourselfer” lies in silence. The damage is only made known until after death, and by then, it is too late to correct.

Do you need a will if you have a revocable living trust?

A revocable living trust eliminates the need for a traditional will. However, a companion will to the living trust is needed, often called a “pour-over will.” The pour-over will function in conjunction with the trust. It will allow the entirety of the deceased person’s estate to be distributed. It will not need a probate court’s involvement.

Does a certificate of trust need to be notarized/certification?

It is an essential part of a living trust package. It is required for business done on behalf of the trust. For example, after the decedent’s death, the property of the estate may be sold. Financial accounts may need to be liquidated. For these activities, the successor trustee will produce the Certification of Trust. The Certification of Trust must be notarized.

How do I choose an estate planning attorney?

There are many ways to locate a qualified estate planning attorney. Most important is that your choice of an estate attorney is someone who informs and educates you. An estate planning attorney should take time to guide a client through the process. Almost all estate planning law firms provide a free consultation. The client should take advantage of the opportunity to meet the attorney. The client can have all their questions answered.


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